How much protein do you REALLY need?

How Much Protein Do You REALLY Need?

When trying to build lean muscle and lose weight most people are always looking for ways to get more protein into their diet. Protein is responsible for building muscle right? While protein is the building block for muscle growth, consuming…
Roll out the kinks with myofascial release

Roll Out The Kinks With Myofascial Release

Are you familiar with myofascial release? Do you do it regularly or do you think stretching is enough? Learn about tools, techniques & benefits of incorporating this into your workouts to extend the life of your body and keep you moving…
preventing muscle loss to burn fat

Preventing Muscle Loss To Burn Fat

Every wonder why you are putting in so much work at the gym, but the pounds just don't seem to come off?  Losing weight can get quite frustrating if you are doing things that are counterproductive towards your goals.  Some activities seem…
Avoid Plateaus... Are you lifting enough?

Avoid Plateaus….Are You Lifting Enough???

The key to seeing continued results is to create muscle confusion & stimulating muscle growth.  Our muscles not only help to regulate our metabolic levels (number of calories your body needs to maintain basic functions), but also create…