Now that you’ve sort of adjusted to this at home lifestyle, it’s time to up your fitness game. Exercise equipment may be sold out in stores, but that’s no excuse. There are several items that you already have at home to add into your workouts that will be sure to spice things up. Strength training is a great way to boost your metabolism, maintain bone density, and build lean muscle tissue. I promise you will be surprised on the variety of exercises you can do with these 3 common household items to get you in shape just for summer.

Hand Towel
It’s not just for washing your face. Place a towel on your hardwood or tiled floors to slide into a reverse lunge or side lateral lunge. You can also do crunches with 2 towels under each foot in a plank. No need for an ab roller. Kneel down in a plank with your hands underneath a towel and slide back and forth.

Have carpet? Use paper plates in lieu of a towel. Get ready to sweat!

We already spend so much time as a society constantly sitting. We’ll be using your chair instead for firming up your butt and the rest of your bod. Make sure it’s sturdy (placing up against a wall can also prevent the chair from sliding if you have hard floors) and you can use it for step-ups, single leg squats, tricep dips, and incline tricep push-ups.

If you are new to fitness, it is also great for practicing squats. Many of my beginner clients fear falling back in a squat. With a chair, if you lose your balance you just sit down instead of falling.
Soup Cans/ Wine Bottles/Milk Jugs
Grab one of these items to intensify your workouts. You can use soup cans for exercises you would use lighter weights such as back flys, chest flys, or lateral shoulder raises. Unopened wine or large water bottles are great for shoulder presses, bicep curls, and bentover rows. Use those filled milk jugs for your lunge and squat variations or kettlebell swings. Get ready to really feel those muscles burn!

Now gather your equipment and get to shaping that summer bod. If you’re looking for a bit more motivation or guidance you can contact me for 1:1 personal training or join one of my live streaming fitness classes. Go to my website for details or to register.