By Stevanie Mead

Want to debloat after the holidays? Have a goal in mind but don’t have the structure to see it through? Keep reading for my tips to start feeling healthier in 2020!
With fun gatherings filled with tons of delicious food, we tend to eat more and in the end feel more full. These are the tips I have learned and use to get rid of belly bloat:

  1. 8 hours of sleep. Sleep is essential for our bodies to maintain healthy cortisol levels and prevent weight loss goals from being maintained. 
  2. Drink half of body weight in water everyday. Especially after waking up and working out to replenish the nutrients that we lose. I love adding in electrolytes with Isagenix hydrate to make my water more tasty and filling.
  3. Walking after eating. Studies have found that walking after eating has helped to aid in digestion and control blood sugar levels.
  4. Avoid sugar alcohols. Always check the nutrition facts as these tend to be harder for our bodies to break down leading to gas and bloating. 
  5. Keep sodium under 2,500 milligrams a day. After eating sodium, your body retains water to try to maintain the proper balance in your bloodstream.

Copy and paste these tips in your notes app for quick reference. Implementing these debloating tricks throughout the year combined with the S.M.A.R.T. goal creation strategy will motivate you to continue your New Years resolution past February. 

The S.M.A.R.T. tactic to goal creating is a studied strategy that has been tried by many like myself in their health goals. 
Specific – What specifically do you want to accomplish?

Measurable – How are you going to measure the goal?

Attainable – Is it achievable?

Realistic – Is it realistic/relevant for you to achieve?

Time-based – When will you achieve your goal?

See this article on using a template for your S.M.A.R.T. health and wellness goals. 

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