Struggle To Eat Healthy Through The Holidays?

By Stevanie Mead

We have all been there. You walk into a friend’s home and there it is, a table FULL of temptations. You think, there is no harm in a sample size (of course there isn’t!) THEN the sample size turns into a full course meal. We leave feeling bloated and guilty that the vision of our healthiest selves took a back seat. Guilt spirals into junk food galore, I totally get it!

Don’t know how to create healthier versions of those holiday comfort foods? No worries! I gathered all of the “need to knows” for you! Below will be simple healthy recipes that will have your friends reaching for more and begging for your secret!

Food Descriptions To Look For

Avoid foods with any of these words:





Reach for foods that are:




50% + of vegetables in the recipe


Don’t deep fry! Baked or grilled vegetables are tasty with less oil and not coated with low nutrient density flour.

Creamed or dip? Sub the high saturated milks with plant based milks such as almond, cashew or soy.

Having a sweet tooth crave? Create a fresh fruit salad with seasonal items found at your local farmers market.

Scroll through these links for more ideas on simple healthy munchies!

Recipes To Try

Savory your thing? Try this delicious take on mushrooms.

Awesome Garlic Roasted Mushrooms

Craving something sweet? This fall fave will have your guests reaching for more.

Easy Roasted Butternut Squash

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