Fat Loss and 5 other Benefits of HIIT

Most people generally go through a period in life where they want a bit more muscle and a little less fat. I go through it from time to time just like my clients. Even though I’m a trainer I am still human and not immune to any of it. Integrating high intensity into your workouts like high knees, squat jumps, or even sprints on the elliptical will help you burn fat and so much more.

Burn Baby Burn

Fat that is!  Integrating bursts of high intensity training forces you to work harder which means you burn more calories. You don’t need a PHD to figure that one out. Studies have shown that these short bursts actually improve your bodies metabolism so that you continue burning calories at a higher rate long after your workout is complete. Since you are doing them in very short cycles it is manageable for you to complete them and you can exert more effort compared to a long endurance run. 30 minutes is all you need!

Heart Strength

If you’ve trained with me there’s a good chance you’ve done that 1 exercise in a circuit where your heart is about to jump out of your chest. It was probably followed by a, ” Crap/Sh$t/F*** Christine, I need to rest for a minute.” That pounding heart means it is getting stronger. As your heart strength improves so does your overall cardio vascular endurance. If you are training for a race, this is a great way to help you get to the finish line a whole lot faster.

Your Body Is Your Machine

The great thing about this type of training is that you don’t need any fancy equipment. The fitness industry is literally a billion dollar industry, but getting real results can cost you NOTHING. Exercises like high knees, plank jacks, squat/tuck/star/skater jumps, jump rope(with imaginary rope) and of course burpees are all ways to get your heart pumping equipment free.

Slow Down Aging

As I approach 40, I am open to anything that will keep me looking young naturally. High intensity training helps to boost production of human growth hormone (HGH). This hormone not only boosts metabolism to aid in fat burn, but is also helps to slow down the aging process. Yessss!!! For more benefits on HGH check out this article by Men’s Health magazine.

Space Is No Problemo

The great thing about not needing any equipment is you can do it anywhere. The sun is out and temps are heating up so why not take it outside. You can go to your local park and run sprints, jump on a bench, heck just use your imagination and HAVE FUN with it!  Without the confines of the four walls of a gym you have endless opportunities to run free and torch hella calories.

Holy Crap It’s Hard

Even if you’re fit you will find it quite challenging. If you are trying to get fit this will get you there quickly. According to the American College Of Sports Medicine (ACSM), just 2 weeks of HIIT training can have the same affect as 6 to 8 weeks of cardiovascular endurance training.  If you want fast results this is the way to go.

Keeping Fitness Fun!! xoxo


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