Three tips to refocus your intentions

So here we are well into 2017. How are those goals, intentions, or rules that you set for yourself to be a better you? If you are like most, you are barely hanging on by a thread if you are still holding on. While the new year is great to refocus your attention to things you know you want to improve upon, many times we burden ourselves with an overwhelming amount of change that results in nada.

Here are 3 tips that I have to help you get back on track:

1.  Simplify

There have been many times that I have set goals for myself in the past with an unreasonable amount of expectation. For those that know me well, I am a very type A personality and can set lofty goals that only a robot could achieve. Only if humans didn’t require sleep. Even though I may like to look at myself as super human, the reality is that we can only do so much.

By taking a look at your goals and chopping them up a bit, you can make mini goals that are easier to grasp so you feel successful. For example, if you want to become a better runner you will want to define what that means to you. Is your cardiovascular endurance something you struggle with? Do you feel like your butt is on fire every time you run on an incline? Maybe you feel like your limited range of motion negatively affects your stride? Taking these obstacles & turning them into goals will help give you greater focus so you don’t just pull out your hair from mere frustration. Please don’t ever pull out your hair by the way. Random bald spots are never a good look.

2. Reduce

Living here in the Bay Area, we all have enough on our plate. I don’t think I know a single soul that feels like they have a ton of free time with nothing to do. With that said, why do we need to demand a laundry list of things we want to accomplish & change? Hitting the reset button on your life can totally be a good thing, but if you give yourself an overwhelming list you will find that you probably don’t hit your millions of goals.

Instead, take a look at your list & mark no more than 3-5 that are super important to you. Think about the “WHY”! If you are making a list just because then I suggest you take that piece of paper, wad it up, spit on it & toss it in the garbage. Recently, I was chatting with a client about why she wanted to lose weight. Immediately, it was to feel better & get healthy. Your typical response most people will rattle off. As we dug deeper, she realized that she wants to be healthy so she can be around for her 3 kids, be a good wife, as well as feel better for herself. When you tie in the “WHY” it gives your focus a whole new source of inspiration.

3. Get Real

Ambition is a great thing. Sometimes we can have so much energy & excitement towards achieving a goal that it is soooooo far fetched. Take a moment to come back down to planet Earth & check your ego. Sure, I would love to be able hop into a handstand in yoga class, but the reality is that it is not going to happen tomorrow. Notice I said tomorrow, not never. Some things just take time.

Maybe you want to lose 30 pounds. This is totally achievable with a healthy diet and maybe the help of an awesome trainer (shameless plug 😉 ) When I am working with someone with a goal like this, we are looking at around a 4-6 month time frame. As you make progress, you may find a new goal to shoot for that puts a spark in your eye. Who says you need to wait for the new year to challenge yourself with something you want to accomplish.  You are unstoppable!!! Implementing new habits that link to that ultimate prize will keep you on your path to success.

Go get ’em!

What ways will you implement 1 or more of these strategies?

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